Raiding Poppy’s stash

On Thursday Ed and I took DSD up to visit Poppy for her 96th birthday. It was pouring down rain most of the day and we were cooped up in doors. I wouldn’t mind this – knitting and going through Poppy’s old photos and chatting to her are very peaceful – but DSD gets a little stir crazy after a while. Fortunately, she came across a key to Poppy’s massive sideboard and we discovered some drawers full of old fabric and sewing things, which took us quite a while to explore. Here are some of my favourite finds.

I am going to have to try English paper piecing because it seems to be turning up everywhere I look. This is a very, very old pillowcase Poppy made. Now tell me – I thought you were supposed to remove the paper in your hexagons at some point but clearly the paper is still there because it is popping out of some of the older hexes. I really love that this is made up of actual clothing scraps. I wish I knew how old she was when she made this.

Since Poppy doesn’t sew anymore she let me take home the fabrics and things we thought we could use.This fun orange home dec weight cotton is my favourite. I just want to try to¬†upholster something with it!

For fun, I created a Polyvore set around the fabric and some of the things from John Lewis’s retro-inspired collection. Have you tried Polyvore?¬†Are you a “Polywhore”? This tool is AMAZING!

Retro Orange

This is a springy, gauzy floral.

A couple of metres of blue and white quilting-weight cotton.

Mint green cherry blossoms on a cotton sateen.

Brown floral laminate. I kind of see this as a lunch bag. I have no idea how old this is – do you need to line this kind of fabric to make it safe for food?

Two scarves. DSD has requested a skirt with the polka-dot scarf as a belt.

I just love this old Oxo tin. Inside it explains that you should mix Oxo cubes with milk and feed it to kids at every meal. Seriously? It now holds my quilting pins.

And these bits and pieces I thought I’d find a use for.

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