Rainbow bundle giveaway ends tomorrow!

There is still time to enter to win one of these fun rainbow stash-builder bundles by helping us spread the word about the Village Stash Society! To enter, mention and link to the club (use this link please: www.thevillagehaberdashery.co.uk/vss) on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, your blog, or maybe some other fancy social network we don’t even know about yet…you get the point. We won’t tell you what to say – just help us make sure anyone who might be interested doesn’t miss out!

Leave a comment for every mention you give the VSS out there in internet land and you’ll get an entry. We’ll do a random drawing on Monday, 7 October so get your comments in by Sunday night please!

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And in case you missed it – the Village Stash Society is for fabric addicts who want a hand-picked selection of beautiful, modern fabrics delivered to their door each month.


We’re launching the Village Stash Society with our Colour-of-the-Month Club. With both designer and organic fabric options, this club will help you build up or even out the rainbow of colours in your stash. Each month a gorgeous bundle will arrive in your letterbox, beginning this month! Want more info? You can find all of the details here.


Ready to sign up? There are two ways:

  • Sign up for a month-to-month subscription that you can cancel at any time. You can do that here.
  • Sign up for a full year and receive one month free! You can do that here.

Please note that for the month of October, since it’s the first month, we’re going to delay shipment of the bundles until 30th October so we can accept sign ups until 25th October. After this month, all bundles will ship on the 15th of the month.

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