Rainbow sundress

This sundress was made out of an old curtain from my bedroom when I was a kid! When I was home last Thanksgiving rooting around in my mum’s chest of drawers in the basement for old seventies patterns (which she’d thrown out, for shame!) I came across it and thought I could ‘upcycle’ it into something fun.

DSD loved the print so I decided to try making her a simple shirred sundress. If you look around online you’ll see loads of bloggers talking about how ‘easy’ and ‘fun’ sewing with elastic thread is, but I feel the same way as Rae: it’s a love-hate relationship. In addition to it being really difficult to determine exactly how tight your project will sew up, I had some real issues due to the fact that my Brother machine requires that I take out the bobbin case and hand-tighten the tension. It took a lot of searching before I figured out why the dress wasn’t gathering properly. I highly advise you read this post by Creative Heart if you’ve got a Brother and save yourself some headaches!

Finally solved the shirring mystery


Shirring up close - nearly straight!

In the end the dress is adorable and DSD loves how the rainbow pattern looks in the gathered bit, but it’s a little tight on her so I don’t know if it will get worn. I kind of wish I had enough fabric to make one in my size! But there are lots of scraps left over for other projects.

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