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Recreating my body on a Lady Valet

I am taking a break from adjusting my brand new Lady Valet dress form to write about adjusting my Lady Valet dress form. Wow. I’d always thought I had a pretty proportionate body. Not perfect, by any means, but the size of the top bits matched the size of the bottom bits, more or less. That doesn’t seem to be the case.

I’m so curious what everyone else who has bought one of these things went through when trying to adjust it to size. After expanding the bust to my measurement, I realised my ribcage measurement was a couple of inches smaller than hers. The problem seems to be that Lady’s perky boobs aren’t as big as mine. So I put an old bra on her and stuffed it, then adjusted the bust down to compensate for the padding. Closer.

I can get her bum to match mine, but then there is a big jump from the waist to the hips. That curve (I think it’s often referred to as a muffin top) doesn’t exist on the Lady. Recreating your wobbly bits in wadding is enough to make you rethink your plan to make sausages and mash for tea, am I right? Anyway, the Lady and I are getting there, but I needed a break!


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