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Revealed! The Miscellany table runner

I’m so excited to be able to finally show off the Miscellany table runner I made for my mum for Christmas. I gave it to her last week when we were home for Thanksgiving so it could be used. I could not be more pleased with how it turned out and she loves it too!

I will be perfectly honest here and tell you that we use paper plates and napkins for Thanksgiving. We had 31 people this year! So I took the snaps before the (main) table was fully set. But those cute Thanksgiving salt and pepper shakers are out. Here’s a closer look at those guys:

This table runner was so much fun to make. I was inspired by this table runner at Purl Bee but I wanted to piece the top rather than applique. It was my first time making improvisational blocks and I found it both liberating and relaxing. Cutting and sewing and adding and then playing a game of using up the scraps. And then the math! When I make up patterns I end up doing so much math! But I have to admit I geekily love that too.

I’m only kicking myself for not taking a picture of it against the wood of the table that my dad made himself. Here it is laid out on our table, which is nowhere near as pretty (or as big).

The Miscellany collection from Cloud 9 is beautiful – not to mention organic – and I think it was perfect for this project. I used linen for the backing and sashing and a heat-resistant wadding to make it functional as well as pretty. To keep things from being too chaotic, what with all of those miscellaneous prints and odd-sized blocks, I added an equal sized border to each block and used a very simple straight-line criss-cross quilting.

I’ve been blogging my progress over at the Crafty Christmas Blog, so here’s kind of a montage of the process to leave you with!

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