Reversible bucket hat for Kids Clothes Week Challenge

I mentioned a few blog posts ago that Maddie’s mum had provided a list of summer clothes she needed. I took this as kind of a challenge – how many things could I make off of the list? Making things for Maddie in the past hasn’t always been very rewarding because we don’t see her enough so often I hand over something handmade and never see it again. But as she gets older she’s more involved in the process and I feel like I’m making memories for her as much as making garments.

One thing she needs is a sun hat and I was really excited because I found this great free pattern from Oliver + S for a reversible bucket hat. She picked out the red spotty print from Aneela Hoey’s A Walk in the Woods, a fabulous yet underrated blender from the collection that I now realise goes with loads of things on our shelves. The hat is reversible, so I picked out the grey birdie print from the same collection to go with it. Before she left last weekend I measured her head and was confident she’d fit the largest size. Today she tried it on and guess what? It doesn’t fit. She suggested perhaps her head grew because there is so much maths in it. I agreed that’s very possible. She loved the hat though, so I’ll be back on the interwebs soon to find a similar but larger version to make. Please feel free to leave me links in the comments if you know of such a pattern!

In the meantime, Bear was called in to model the hat. I’m quite proud of how well it turned out*and highly recommend the pattern. One of the best bits is that it requires exactly two fat quarters (there’ll be lovely scraps of course) making it one of the more economical handmade garments you can give. And it truly was an easy pattern to follow if you’re not really tired, plus it includes some hand stitching which is nice and satisfying. We’re planning another version in Alegria as well. A girl should have options, am I right?

Now then. Doesn’t Bear make a fab model? He takes direction so well!

This is one of two things I actually finished for Kids Clothes Week Challenge. The other was a Maddie-size pair of handwarmers which I’ll show you later in the week!

*after one completely botched attempt when I read the directions wrong and sewed the brim to the top


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