Rewards for investing in our crowdfunding campaign

Our crowdfunding campaign launched on Friday and I wanted to provide some extra information about the campaign in a series of posts on The Daily Stitch this week.

Crowdcube is an equity crowdfunding platform. What that means is it facilitates business like ours to raise funds by selling part of our company to investors. And if you want to become an investor, you can own a stake and share in the future success of British businesses you believe in.

But we can also offer some rewards or extra perks for investing! Here’s what you can get as an added bonus when you buy a piece of The Village Haberdashery on Crowdcube.

Invest £10
Investors will earn Stash Points that can be spend like cash at The Village Haberdashery. If you’re a customer, you are probably already familiar with Stash Points. For the purposes of our campaign, we will be awarding Stash Points at a rate of 1 per £1 invested with a maximum award of 1000 Stash Points. Stash Points will be deposited into the investor’s account when our new flagship shop opens. You’ll be able to spend them like you normally do, either in our West Hampstead shop or on our website.

Invest £100
Exclusive investor tote bag, plus Stash Points. We haven’t had these tote bags made yet because we want to see how many need to be printed, but we’re going to do something really cool and the only way you’ll be able to get one is if you’re an investor. So when people see you carrying one, they’ll be so jealous!

Invest £250
Invitation to The Village Haberdashery’s VIP opening party at West Hampstead Square, exclusive investor tote bag and Stash Points. We’re going to throw a big bash when the shop opens and it’s going to be so much fun. Invest at this level and you won’t miss out!

Invest £1,000
Name and link on The Village Haberdashery’s investor page. Plus VIP party invite, up to two exclusive investor tote bags and Stash Points. When our campaign ends we’ll update our investor page and include a list of our biggest investors.

Invest £5,000
Name, link and logo or picture on The Village Haberdashery’s investor page. Plus VIP party invite, up to five exclusive investor tote bags and Stash Points. Not only will you be listed on our investor page – your logo or image will be there for all to see!

If you have any questions about our rewards, please get in touch at

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