Santa’s visit to The Village Haberdashery

On Friday, Santa visited The Village Haberdashery! I was on the building site all week and was not involved in decorating the shop at all, so when Harvey and I arrived we got to experience it as customers and were so delighted! Here is a video I took of Santa’s arrival (click to open in a new tab). They are out of frame, but Caroline and Kym are tossing confetti at Santa!

Santa comes to The Village Haberdashery

Despite our shop being so super tiny and bursting with stock. the flow of things felt just fine. Harvey marched up to tell Santa exactly what he wanted ‘a robot arm with a dinosaur on the front’ (he saw these at the Natural History Museum gift shop). He didn’t quite like the idea of sitting on Santa’s lap, so I hopped in for a picture. Love these snaps! Harvey is wearing one of the elf hats I got for the girls to wear.




Our Santa was excellent and Caroline and Kym did an amazing job running our little grotto!


And huge thanks to Caroline and her husband for putting up lights around the shop the night before! How cool does that look?



Thank you to everyone who came to the shop to see Santa! To find out more about our special Christmas classes for kids at the shop today and tomorrow click here.

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