Seersucker summer shorts!

I decided to whip up some shorts for Harvey to get through this heat wave. Breakers Seersucker from Robert Kaufman was an obvious choice – it’s so summery and playful! Plus, seersucker has a unique slack-tension weave which creates puckers all over the fabric that hold small pockets of air next to your skin to keep you cool in hot weather. Cool, right?


I downloaded the Kid Shorts pattern from Dana at Made and decided to make two pairs at once. It’s quicker that way! I also chose this fun plaid from the Planet Buzz collection.


The basic pattern is pretty quick. I sewed up two pairs in a morning. I love sewing two things at once, assembly line style!


I kept them a bit longer than the pattern intends so that when he falls on his knees, he’ll be covered. He’s been walking for a couple of months now but he still stumbles sometimes!


I made the 18 month size and they fit right now, although I had to reinforce the bum seams after Harvey split them in both pairs! He could use just a bit more room for those nappies. But they’ll get us through the rest of the summer and that’s all that really matters.


It’s hard to get good pictures of this little guy on the move!


We have a great play area right behind our building. We’ve been heading down to the sand pit every chance we get! The mornings are especially nice because it’s shady and cool.


These photos are a mix of Ed’s profesh looking ones and my phone – but I wanted to share some of both pairs.


I highly recommend this pattern and love these cute shorts!

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