Selfish sewing: a Grainline Scout Woven Tee in Nani Iro

The other morning I woke up from a dream about what fabric to use for my next Grainline Scout Woven Tee. I’m so thrilled with this first one, with how easily it came together and how it looks, in my mind, like something one would buy in a shop. A cool shop. Of course I don’t go in shops very often, cool or otherwise, and the only clothes shopping I really do is online at GapKids during a sale, so I have no idea what’s cool. But the point is it doesn’t look homemade to me. Which is huge.

Portrait 6

Portrait 5

A lot of that is owing to the fabric, which was the last little piece of a loosely woven Nani Iro cotton/linen blend. With some serious pattern gymnastics I think I squeezed it out of 1.25 metres but that’s only possible because it’s entirely non-directional. You can see part of the Nani Iro signature from the selvedge along one of the side seams but it’s in gold ink so it’s really just a design element, right? It’s slightly see-through, if you stare at me hard enough, but I don’t care – it will be so breezy and lovely to wear all summer.

Portrait 7

Portrait 1

I played it fast and loose with the instructions which may be why the neckline sticks out a bit and required a lot of pressing into submission. But I only had a tiny window of time in which to work on this so I just put it together the way I thought it should go. I put the sleeves in before sewing up the sides because I hate setting sleeves and that makes it a little more bearable. I overlocked everything and just turned it under. I am so happy that I’ve embraced the shop’s overlocker. It’s making it so much easier to whip up garments in the little bit of time I can spare for selfish sewing. (Side note: if you’re in the area you can use our sewing studio, including overlocker, for £8 an hour when classes are not in session. Drop us a note for more info or to book)

Portrait 4

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I really do hope to make more of these, with all the lovely cotton voile, double gauze, textured cottons, etc., etc. we have in the shop these days! In the meantime, I’ll just keep dreaming about it…

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