Sewing wish list: July

I had an idea for a very self-indulgent new blog series. Sewing wish list! I don’t make a lot of time to make. I’m not going to act like I’m busier than the next person, because we all have a lot on our plates, but somehow there never seems to be time. And yet. I’m surrounded by inspiration and ideas and new fabric and I want to make all the things. So, here is a little list of what is on my mind right now.

I want to make about a million Tiny Pocket Tanks. I pick a new favourite fabric for this pattern every week, but my latest fave is basically all the Neon Solids. It’s silly fun, but this Wonder Woman print is another top pick!


The Southport Dress from True Bias is exactly what I want to wear right now. It looks like secret pyjamas – so comfy but still really cute. It’s the perfect pattern for horizontal stripes, like the gorgeous Fiesta Wovens I stroke daily. I might also wish for one of these in Bespoke Ephemera...


Our seersucker fabrics call to me in summer. I really, really want a dress in this Japanese bow tie seersucker. I’m thinking the new Sylvie Dress by Christine Haynes would be adorable!


I would love a new bag. My latest craving is a messenger bag, for the 20-minute walks each way to Harvey’s nursery. We’ve been getting in so much cotton/linen canvas and cotton canvas that its impossible to choose, but my latest idea is this Rain Walk Canvas and Japanese webbing in red. I’ve made this simple bag from mmmcrafts a couple of times in the past, and I think it would do the trick! The Nani Iro neon Mountain Views canvas would be another awesome choice for this.


What is on your sewing wish list?

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