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Slow stitching classes coming up in the shop!

We have so many beautiful slow stitching classes on our schedule! Perfect for keeping stress and anxiety at bay, getting that creative energy flowing and using up scraps in a sustainable way! Plus hand stitching projects are often portable and always great for keeping you from endless scrolling. Read on to see what you have to look forward to in the next few months or browse all of our upcoming classes here.

Slow Stitching Pincushion Class

Slow Stitching Pincushion with Carina Envoldsen-Harris
Saturday, 22 February, 10:30am - 1:30pm

Turn an egg cup into a pincushion in this class! Carina will show stitches and techniques you can use to mix fabric scraps, recycled or vintage textiles to create a one of a kind pincushion in an egg cup. Techniques covered in the class include blackwork, cross stitch and hand appliqué. This class is beginner friendly but if you already know a few stitches, such as running stitch, French knot and cross stitch that is great.

This is the perfect project for using up tiny precious scraps and a cute make for your sewing room or as a gift. An egg cup will be supplied for you, but you can also bring your own or maybe find a pretty one in a charity shop. Likewise, fabric scraps will be provided but feel free to bring any of your favourite scraps or bits of lace or clothing you want to repurpose for your unique pincushion.

Slow Stitching & Sustainability Class

Slow Stitching 101 with Lisa Mattock
Friday, 28 February, 10am - 4pm

We are delighted to welcome Lisa Mattock all the way from Australia to teach her beautiful workshops that celebrate the art and practice of slow stitching. In this introductory class Lisa will teach the foundations of each stitch inspired by the Japanese boro and sashiko methods and explore the techniques involved in mixing repurposed, recycled, inherited and vintage textiles to create your artwork. This workshop is a good opportunity to have a rummage through old linens, charity shops and your fabric stash, and bring them along to learn the art of repurposing them in a contemporary and unique way.

Slow Stitching Workshop

Slow Stitching Woodland Workshop with Lisa Mattock
Saturday, 29 February, 10am - 4pm

We are delighted to welcome Lisa Mattock all the way from Australia to teach her beautiful workshops that celebrate the art and practice of slow stitching. Lisa's Woodland Quilt is inspired by the joy that can be found when you stumble upon the first snowdrops and bluebells of the season; the squelching of your gum boots in mud as you forage for wild berries, plump and bursting with colour. Notice the details such as acorns on oak trees and catch a glimpse of a shy hedgehogs or deer in the early morning mist.

There are nine panels in the Woodland quilt, each themed with a different woodland motif. In the Woodland Workshop we will work on the Mushroom Panel, and Lisa will also share with you the rest of the story so you can see how it will all come together if you choose to make the full quilt.

Black Girls Stitch Up

Black Girls Stitch Up with Kre8ive Shack
Saturday, 29 February, 10:30am - 1:30pm

Black girls stitch up! This beginners embroidery workshop created by Shikira Alleyne-Samuel is all about self-care and embracing Afro hair. You'll spend a couple of hours learning simple embroidery stitches and how to appliqué a headwrap. Shikira has designed this sewing circle to encourage women to connect, inspire each other and learn and grow in confidence! The class fee includes everything you need to recreate Shikira's Afro and headwrap embroidery design plus you'll have extra threads to start your own projects at home. All are welcome at this workshop regardless of race or gender! The workshop is suitable for kids 11+ and discounts are available if you book with a friend or family member.

Wholecloth Quilting Class

Wholecloth Quilting with Elli Beaven
Wednesdays, 11 & 18 March, 6:30pm - 9:30pm

In this class we will cover the processes of simple wholecloth quilting by hand, a wonderfully slow and meditative introduction to quilt making. In the first session we will begin by making a template, before drawing out the quilting design, basting together the layers of fabric and wadding and hand quilting the design. In the second session we will learn to make the binding, attach it with the sewing machine and hand finish on the reverse. You will have the choice of making your piece as a small quilt, cushion cover or wall hanging. 

Embroidery 101 Class

Embroidery for Beginners with Carina Envoldsen-Harris
Saturday, 18 January, 10:30am - 1:30pm
Tuesday, 21 January, 11am - 2pm

The class is a fun and colourful introduction to hand embroidery that is designed for beginners or those who want a refresher. You will start by learning the tools of the craft, how to use a hoop and how to transfer a pattern. Next, we'll explore a selection of stitches - running stitch, back stitch, stem stitch, French knots and more - by creating a sweet modern sampler designed by Carina. You'll leave with everything you need to know to complete your sampler at home and the confidence to try your next embroidery pattern independently!

Visible Mending Class

Boro Stitching (Visible Mending) with Rob Jones
Wednesday, 26 February, 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Boro (more accurately ‘Boro boro’), meaning ‘rags or tatters’ is the art of repairing fabric using scraps and stitching. A source of shame in Japan for many years, the fabrics are now highly prized and can fetch significant sums. Boro work follows the British wartime tradition of ‘make do and mend’ but was used out of necessity in Japan to prolong the life of clothes and bedding due to extreme poverty and the scarcity of textiles.

The practice of 'visible mending' has become increasingly popular, as part of the slow fashion movement, as a way to create a more mindful relationship with clothing, and as a form of self expression. Check out the hashtag #visiblemending for inspiration!

Sashiko Stitching Workshop

Sashiko Embroidery Workshop with Rob Jones
Wednesday, 22 January, 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Wednesday, 18 March, 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Sashiko, meaning ‘little stab’ is the Japanese art of stitching beautiful patterns using running stitch. Often used to add strength, texture and warmth to old garments, Sashiko has become synonymous with complex repeating patterns and precise stitching. Although most people will be familiar with the traditional white stitches on indigo fabric, sashiko thread actually comes in many shades, allowing for a wonderful variety of colourful designs.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to mark up your patterns on fabric using a variety of pens and templates

  • How to stitch neatly and precisely, Sashiko is all about even stitching!

  • The rights and wrongs turning corners, crossing lines and intersections

  • Starting and finishing a row of stich allowing room for stretching and washing

  • How to make a hatamusubi (loom knot) to maximise the use of your thread


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