Sneaky peek at the back

Before I sit myself in front of my machine and start zig-zag-quilting my way across it, I thought I’d show a couple of snaps I took this morning (yes this morning! Before coffee even!) of the back of the Storyboek hexagon baby quilt.

I decided to piece in some of the leftover prints that – for size or colour or whatever reasons – didn’t quite go with the front.

And before you ask, NO, the greys don’t match. The back is Kona Medium Grey. The front is from Birch Fabrics. I did my best but my attempts to match using pictures on the internet did not go so well this time. Alas, the baby will have to pretend not to notice!

Looking back, I probably should have gone with the baby blue solid I have in my stash for the back but too late now. Onward!

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