Some thoughts on quilting

In my my third post about Laurie’s Storyboek hexagon baby quilt, Lauren asked for tips on quilting in the comments. There are loads of quilters more experienced and better qualified to weigh in on this but I can offer a couple of words of wisdom from what I’ve picked up over the past year.

First, get a walking foot. This foot feeds your fabric on top and bottom so the thick “quilt sandwich” moves through the machine easily. These make SUCH ¬†a difference. Here is what mine looks like. A walking foot doesn’t come with the machine so you’ll have to order it separately but it is really so worth it.

Second, get quilting pins. Loads of them. The first quilt I made I used straight pins and it was very clumsy. Quilting pins are like bent safety pins so it’s easier to put them in and hold your quilt sandwich (the top, batting or wadding and back of the quilt) together.

Third, quilt in a way that flatters your pattern. I am really not a fan of “stitch in the ditch” or quilting along the seams. I think the quilting lines are one of the most beautiful parts of the quilt. I don’t know how to explain it properly but the difference between a pretty quilt top and a gorgeous finished quilt, to me, is vast – and it’s the quilting lines that make it all come together. In the past I’ve often chosen to quilt along the lines of my pattern. I’m inspired by the modern straight line quilting that Ashley at Film in the Fridge favours (see some examples here, here and here). And I absolutely love¬†Anna Maria Horner’s hand quilting but I can’t see myself having the patience for that any time soon!

Here is a look at the quilting from the Storyboek hexagon baby quilt quilting up close.

Hope that is useful!

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