Speckle top for Spring Top Sewalong

Speckle top crop front

Well I did it! I managed to get my top into the Spring Top Sewalong pool before the deadline. I actually finished this a couple of weeks ago but we hadn’t found time for a photo shoot. So here we are and I can’t say it was my best hair day but what are you going to do? I didn’t want to miss that deadline!

This is the Colette Patterns Violet top in Nursery Basics Speckle in Shell by Cloud9. In this picture it kind of looks like it’s pulling every which way but I really like how it looks from the front. I’m wondering if I’m just slouching? It’s not like anything else I own and I just think it’s a really pretty design. I also love wearing this colour – it matches my cheeks when I wear my Posie Tint from Benefit which I like to think gives me that “English Rose” glow. See?

Speckle top crop front


Anyway, back to the top. This was really fun because there were so many new things for me. Covered buttons! A collar! Setting sleeves (ugh!) I cut a 12 and then after sewing the shoulders together I realised it was far too big, so I took a quarter inch off basically everywhere. Then I put it on and it still looked very shapeless, so I started playing around with the fit, taking it in on the sides. But once I got the fit right in the front, it pulled and looked horrid in the back. I still don’t love the back. I wanted it to nip in a bit at the waist then still be roomy enough at the hips. Hmm. Maybe I just didn’t understand how the pattern was supposed to fit?

I know there are a lot of sewing bloggers out there who are way more advanced than I am in this territory, so if you have any advice, I’d love to hear it. I also really struggled with the sleeves. I could not get them not to have a bit of a puff. I’m actually okay with that though – I think it suits the top. So I got over that. I want to ask you though – those wrinkles at the top back of your shoulder – are those supposed to be there? I tried on some other shirts and found those wrinkles, so I figured it was unavoidable and needed for movement. Again, hmm.

Ed was looking at the photos of the new Colette patterns and asked why every other model is pigeon-toed. I’m not sure actually, I do know though that I’m inclined to stand that way when he points the camera at me. Like so.

Spring Top Sewalong, over and out. Now on to Kids Clothes Week Challenge! I’m not officially signed up, but I’m going to try to participate! Maddie has a list of spring/summer clothes she needs and we picked out some fun outfits for me to make, including the Finch Top and Shorts from Clever Charlotte and the free Reversible Bucket Hat pattern from Oliver + S. If I can get even one thing ticked off this week I’ll count it a success!

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