Spotlight on: Marking tools

We have a number of great fabric marking tools in stock, but which one to choose?! Here is a quick round-up to help you decide.

Sewing marking tools at This Village Haberdashery

Good old fashioned Tailor’s Chalk

This is a hard chalk that is perfect for making crisp lines on fabric. It is most popular with tailors and dressmakers as it gives an accurate line to follow. We have two to choose from, either a set of three different colours or the beautiful Merchant and Mills chalk.

Tailors chalk

Tailor's Chalk

Water Soluble Pencil or Pen

These are very popular for embroidery projects to draw out your design on the fabric before stitching. Also handy for quick and easy pattern labelling/marking as you can just write like you would on paper. As it says in the name, it disappears with water… easy!

Water Soluble Pencil

Water Soluble Pen

Chaco Liner Pens

The modern day tailor’s chalk! This little pen is filled with loose chalk and has a rollerball on the end to distribute the chalk as you roll it along the fabric. It works very well when drawing straight lines with rulers as the fine point can get right up close to the side.

Chaco pens

FriXion Pens

“But these are for paper?” I hear you cry. They are excellent for fabric too! Their best feature is that they disappear when ironed over… magic! Perfect for short term temporary marks.

Frixion Pens

Hera Marker

This cool little gadget leaves a temporary crease which can be seen on both the front and back of your fabric without leaving any residue… super discrete! It is particularly popular with quilters to mark patchwork piece before stitching and can also be used to finger press seams.

Hera marker

Tracing Wheel (blunt edges) and Carbon Paper

This is used for tracing paper patterns onto your fabric. Super useful and means you don’t have to cut into your precious pattern!

Tracing wheel and carbon paper

Tracing Wheel (serrated edges)

Similar to the above but this tracing wheel has sharp spikes to leave a trail of tiny holes in the fabric. It is mainly used for thicker fabrics and you don’t need to use any carbon paper.

Serrated edge tracing wheel

You can buy all of our marking tools online here, or in person at our West Hampstead Shop!



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