Stash update

I’ve been doing some shopping!

First, some Kaffe Fassett shot cottons. I love these fabrics and am hoping to make a quilt with them. What I have in mind is something like a lap version of the Whirligig quilt from Fresh Quilting or the Piano Keys quilt Spool are so fond of. These are hard to buy online because so I have that orange on the side that I don’t love with the stack and the top and bottom two are really similar (the bottom is the backing). I may have to go back and buy one or two more but I’ll start by seeing how far what I have gets me and if it’s enough to complete my vision.

Next up are the Vintage Dishes prints from Melody Miller’s Ruby Star Rising in all three colours – mint, pink and gray. These were starting to go on sale so I snapped up a metre of each out of fear they’d disappear even though I don’t have a project in mind just yet. They’d be perfect for obvious kitchen projects like an apron, oven gloves, placemats and napkins – but I can’t bear to cut into them yet. Just like looking at them for now…

I bought a couple of metres of Hydrangea from Heather Moore’s Cut Out and Keep collection for Cloud 9. It’s my favourite of the line. Again, not sure what it will become.

This beauty is from Liberty. Stunning isn’t it? It’s meant to be made into a little flower girl bag for DSD so I only got half a (very expensive!) metre. There is a pink in there that matches my wedding shoes pretty closely. Haven’t started that. Yet.

And finally is another Cloud 9 – Forest Friends Flannel – that will back a strip quilt I’m working on (pictured on top). It’s not as soft as I’d hoped – not Folksy Flannels-soft or flannel pyjamas-soft, but maybe in another wash or two it will get there. Any ideas for softening it up?

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