Summer party bunting!

Picnics, parties, festivals – this rare summer weather makes you want to spend every moment playing outside! I’ve been dying to make bunting with Laurie Wisbrun’s Modern Whimsy and with rumours that our sun was on it’s way out, I snatched some time last weekend to whip it up. Nothing says summer like bunting!

So here’s how we made this week’s project. I wanted to work out a way to lose as little of the fabric as possible, so I started with a half metre of each of the eight prints in the colourway and folded them lengthwise. You’re going to have to trust me – I didn’t really get many pictures in progress. I know. Not helpful. But cutting triangles is easy, right?

So fold your half metre in half and lay it lengthwise on your cutting mat. Measure 1.5cm in on the folded edge and make a mark. This is just to get you past the selvedge. Mark every 18cm after that. On the cut edge, measure in 1.5cm and mark. Measure 9cm and mark, then mark every 18cm after that. See where I’m going with this?

Now you’re going to start cutting. I used a pinking blade on my rotary cutter because I’m lazy – I wanted to be able to sew these wrong sides together with no flipping and pressing. So here we go. Line up your ruler from the first mark on the folded edge and the 9cm mark on the top edge and cut. Keep cutting on the diagonal like that and you’ll end up with 11 triangles and hopefully not much left over. Finally, I pinked the top edges of all of the triangles.

To turn triangles into bunting, I sewed the long ends of each triangle wrong-sides together, trying to keep the pinked edges as closely matched as possible, and then stitched them onto apron tape with about 10cm in between each one. When you’re dealing with prints that have a top and a bottom, you will end up with some that are upside down (like the geese) on one side but I decided to get over it. I may go back and add a second strand of apron tape to the other side of the bunting though, so it looks the same on both sides. We have plain apron tape and fun colourful twill ribbon that would work well too.

I had more lovely triangles left than I needed so I thought I’d try something new and add bunting pre-cuts to the shop. The set we’re offering includes 16 pieces or eight triangles – one for each print in the colourway – for £6. Let me know what you think! If these are a hit we’ll try it with other collections.

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