Survey time! Imprint and Wonderland by Katarina Roccella

Katarina Roccella has two collections coming from Art Gallery in the next six months!

Imprint, due in June/July, teams Katarina’s favorite colours with neutrals and draws inspiration from printmaking and her lino-cuts for a very versatile collection.

Imprint by Katarina Roccella for Art Gallery


Wonderland, due in September/October, embodies play and imagination inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland! Set against a youthful pastel and silver colour palette, this collection oozes with enchantment and fun.

Wonderland by Katarina Roccella

We would love your feedback on Imprint and Wonderland! Please click the links to complete our surveys by 24 May and you will be entered to win a £10 voucher (one for each survey) to The Village Haberdashery.

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