The Daily Stitch


Lovely things our customers have made!

Time once again for a round up of the amazing things our customers are stitching out there! Please do share what you make by sending me snaps at and/or adding them to our Flickr group. I just love seeing your creations! Seriously – it makes my day! I have been dying to see Melody […]
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Reversible bucket hat for Kids Clothes Week Challenge

I mentioned a few blog posts ago that Maddie’s mum had provided a list of summer clothes she needed. I took this as kind of a challenge – how many things could I make off of the list? Making things for Maddie in the past hasn’t always been very rewarding because we don’t see her […]
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An interview with Aneela Hoey

I’ve got Aneela Hoey on the brain! Aneela’s new collection, A Walk in the Woods, arrived in the shop last week and I was so excited to finally have it in my hot little hands I wrote her a note to see if she’d do an interview for the blog. The very next day, she made […]
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