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Fiona’s reversible bucket hats

With this heat wave, every kid needs a bucket hat! We’ve had Fiona’s two cute hats on display in the shop for the past couple of weeks and have had dozens of offers to buy them. The free Oliver + S reversible bucket hat pattern is a gem – I’ve made it in the past […]
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Little Man shirt and shorts

Here is a peek behind the latest project featured on our homepage! It’s about time I show off a project idea for boys, don’t you think? Read on for more about how we made this stylish little outfit, or just head to the shop and buy a kit. I think the Curious Nature collection by […]
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10% off kid patterns for Kids Clothes Week Challenge!

I’m a big fan of Kids Clothes Week Challenge and participated last time just for fun. I’m a bit too busy to commit this time, but I’m enjoying see all of the adorable creations out there! And in the spirit of things I’m hoping to get something finished up for Mads by this weekend. In […]
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An afternoon cutting fabric

I have a couple of sewing project on the go so I spent Sunday afternoon cutting, cutting, cutting. I thought that getting everything ready would keep me more organised and then allow me some luxurious, uninterrupted sewing time. Also I’m scared of my new Janome. I mean, not scared, exactly, just dreading learning a new […]
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We think it’s a boy! trousers

Our neighbours, Hinde and Steve, who used to live upstairs from us and now live around the corner, are having a baby in December. In a controversial move, they found out the sex of the baby but aren’t telling anyone! We think Hinde and Steve are great. They are our first friends that are equally […]
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