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We now stock Buttonbag sewing and knitting kits for kids

We love the enthusiasm our smallest students bring to our after school sewing and knitting clubs and we know a lot of parents want to work on crafty projects with their kids at home too! So we bring you…sewing and knitting kits from Buttonbag! Packed in a beautiful old-fashioned suitcase, the Buttonbag Knitting Kit has […]
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Paas Easter egg dye giveaway

Update: This competition is now closed! Apologies to anyone who commented after about 10:30 p.m. last night. I love passing on American traditions to Maddie and dyeing Easter Eggs is something we’ve done together for three four years now (wow, time really does fly!). I haven’t been able to find the dye kits here so […]
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Have you seen Crafty Chloe?

If you follow Heather Ross’s blog, not only will you know she has a great new collection planned for Kokka, but you’ll see she has illustrated a new book called Crafty Chloe! According to Heather, “Crafty Chloe is about a little girl who wears a glue gun holster (sometimes) made from a paper cup and […]
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Teaching kids how to sew buttons

I keep trying to teach DSD basic sewing and knitting skills and some stick better than others. When I was sewing a couple of loose buttons on Ed’s shirt I thought I’d show her how to do a button too – and it was a success! Not only is it fairly easy to teach, the […]
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