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Weaving inspiration!

Weaving is on my craft bucket for sure. The weavings filling up my instagram and pinterest feeds are colourful and beautiful and just so inspiring! Our weaving looms are back in stock and I wanted to share my latest pinboard with you, in case you’d like to give this craft a try too! I also found a […]
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Craft Supplies in the shop!

One of the big plans we have for our business is to expand into other areas of craft. If you’ve read our investor page, our Crowdcube crowdfunding pitch or our business plan (request a copy via Crowdcube if you want!) you know that our goal is to be the one stop shop for the modern […]
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Easter project inspiration!

Here’s a few things you may not know about how Americans celebrate Easter. I know traditions vary from family to family, but I think mine are pretty typical. 1. The main chocolate gift is not an egg, like it is here, but a bunny! And the ears are the best part. I always think the egg/bunny disconnect […]
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Paas Easter egg dye giveaway

Update: This competition is now closed! Apologies to anyone who commented after about 10:30 p.m. last night. I love passing on American traditions to Maddie and dyeing Easter Eggs is something we’ve done together for three four years now (wow, time really does fly!). I haven’t been able to find the dye kits here so […]
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Wine cork board

I’m excited to show you a non-sewing/non-knitting related crafty project I recently finished – my wine cork board! This has been a really long time coming. I got the idea in my head about a year before I left San Francisco to move to London, which was more than three years ago. I collected corks […]
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