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We now stock Sublime Stitching embroidery patterns and tools!

Our embroidery and needlepoint section continues to grow! We are now stocking the fun and fabulous embroidery patterns and tools from Sublime Stitching and our heads are spinning with ideas. Here’s a peek at what we have in the shop. Spaced Out: Robots and space ships – we’re over the moon about these nerdy designs! […]
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Fabric-inspired embroidery floss bundles

I wanted to do some embroidery floss bundles and my when my mum was in town last week she suggested we match them to fabrics we liked. Brilliant, right? The colours already go together! And if you love the fabric, you’ll be inspired by it in your stitching. We started with these three. Each is just […]
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Fat Quarterly Retreat name badges

Wow, so much happening, so little blogging. For shame! But I couldn’t go without posting my Fat Quarterly Retreat name badge, which I am so very excited about! My badge was made by Laura at Needles, Pins and Baking Tins. She saw that I like to knit and she crochets so she incorporated that into […]
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A sale on embroidery floss AND a giveaway!

We have fun things for you today! First, we’ve partnered with The Sewing Directory to offer a giveaway! The winner will receive a £20 voucher to the shop BUT if the winner is a newsletter subscriber, that voucher goes up to £30. Yay for the newsletter! It’s so pretty. I just love it and I […]
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