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We raised £100,000 and our crowdfunding campaign is closed!

Our crowdfunding campaign is now officially over and we are so proud of what we’ve achieved together! We closed our round with 271 investors and hit our overfunding target of £100,000. Amazing! To reach this milestone on New Year’s Day was a thrill. Ed, Harvey and I were sitting in San Francisco Airport between flights back from […]
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We did it! You helped us reach our fundraising goal #wearetvh

We are so extremely thrilled to report that we’ve reached our fundraising goal! We have 189 investors (amazing!) who have invested £80,480 (wow!) as I write this. We are going to “overfund” and continue taking new investors for a bit longer to shore up our reserves so if you haven’t invested yet, you still can…for now! […]
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Give (or get) shares in The Village Haberdashery this Christmas!

Christmas is just around the corner and shares in The Village Haberdashery make an awesome gift! You can invest as little as £10 in our crowdfunding campaign and make your recipient a part owner in their favourite shop. Or, invest £100 and they’ll get an exclusive tote bag too! Plus, with the 7.5x returns we’re targeting in […]
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Rewards for investing in our crowdfunding campaign

Our crowdfunding campaign launched on Friday and I wanted to provide some extra information about the campaign in a series of posts on The Daily Stitch this week. Crowdcube is an equity crowdfunding platform. What that means is it facilitates business like ours to raise funds by selling part of our company to investors. And if you […]
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Our crowdfunding campaign is live!

We are so thrilled to announce that our equity crowdfunding campaign is live on Crowdcube! Click over to read our pitch, request a business plan, find out about investor rewards and, of course, become a shareholder in The Village Haberdashery! You can also find some background on our campaign on our investor page. Plus, watch this awesome video about our community, our […]
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Watch our crowdfunding video! #wearetvh

One of the biggest, coolest and most time-consuming parts of preparing for our equity crowdfunding campaign with Crowdcube is making a video! Our campaign is so close to going live that we got the okay to share our video with you early. We partnered with Big Hair Films and are so happy with the result. […]
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