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Survey time! Kindred by Lisa Congdon

Kindred is the next collection by Lisa Congdon for Cloud9! All the patterns in Kindred originated in Lisa’s sketchbook, during the times in the day when she was most relaxed and drawing for fun near her family and friends. The collection is inspired by her love for folk imagery, botanicals and geometrics. Kindred is due in October/November and […]
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Revelry by Lisa Congdon now in stock

Lisa Congdon‘s new collection for Cloud 9 fabrics, Revelry, has arrived in the shop! Revelry is all organic cotton voile and the whimsical, elegant designs were created with dressmaking projects in mind. Metallic accents of gold and silver run through the prints and lend a special sparkle to the mix of vibrant colours and asymmetric prints. […]
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The Land that Never Was now in stock

The Land that Never Was by Lisa Congdon is Cloud9′s latest collection and it’s now in stock! We selected just a handful of prints based on our CAB survey and we just love them. Colourful and cheerful, whimsical and sweet, these prints are everything we love! And I have big plans for the Bunting print. […]
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