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March Baby Quilt Club reveal!

This bundle started with some fun prints I saw in a customer’s order – the bees from Maureen Cracknell‘s Garden Dreamer collection teamed with that pink herringbone from Hazelwood and the Honey Twist by Dashwood – such a perfect combination! I photographed them to remember for when we pulled this bundle together. This bundle is sophisticated, for sure, but it […]
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July Baby Quilt Club Bundle

This month is a “girl” month for our baby quilt club members! We started with two very pretty prints from the Fresh Cut collection by Basic Grey and built from there, adding clouds and branches from First Light by Eloise Renouf and stash builders by Lizzy House and Alison Glass. For the solids, I decided that rather than matching the […]
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Kona matching! What goes with Pearl Bracelets by Lizzy House

This week we’re matching our Kona Cotton Solids with Mini Pearl Bracelets by Lizzy House! This collection makes up a beautiful rainbow of solids. From top to bottom, you’re looking at Blush Pink, Valentine, Coral, Mango, Sunny, Canary, Wasabi, Parrot, Everglade, Jamaica, Lapis, Ocean, Eggplant, Orchid, Putty and White.You can find all of these colours in one place […]
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Two Truths and a Lie with Lizzy House – the big reveal!

On Friday we posted three statements about Lizzy House and asked you to guess which one is a lie. Here they are again, with the answers! 1. I once had the barn door to a fresnel (shutter on a stage light) fall on my head during a matinee performance of The Robber Bride Groom, while […]
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Two Truths and a Lie with Lizzy House

I’m so excited that Lizzy House is playing Two Truths and a Lie with us! Lizzy has two new collections with Andover in our shop right now: Natural History and Mini Pearl Bracelets. She was one of the youngest fabric designers to enter the quilting industry and now has more than a dozen collections to her name. She […]
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Mini Pearl Bracelets by Lizzy House now in stock

Mini Pearl Bracelets are here! Lizzy House‘s awesome stash builder for Andover is made even more awesome in a smaller, more versatile size and new colours (the perfect teal! a real red! a bright green!) You will reach for these again and again so we highly recommend scooping up a bundle. Shop the Mini Pearl […]
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