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Kona matching! What goes with Nature Trail by Bethan Janine

Nature Trail by Bethan Janine is an adorable collection from Dashwood Studio featuring bunnies, hedgehogs and some really great florals! This was one of the easiest matching jobs we’ve had – these Konas go so well with Nature Trail! From top to bottom you’re looking at Kona Cotton Solids Pomegranate, Punch, Nectarine, Orange, Cedar, Grellow ,Ice […]
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Nature Trail by Bethan Janine now in stock

Nature Trail is the latest collection from Bethan Janine for Dashwood Studio! With irresistable bunnies, adorable hedgehogs and whimsical florals, this collection is sure to delight! Plus there is a border print which is perfect for curtains, dresses and more. Find our selection of Nature Trail in the shop here.
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Organic shopping bag

I brought Ed’s mum Sarah with me to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham this year and she admired the Grove print in Straw from Cloud9’s Nature Walk collection. Afterward I ordered a couple of metres with the intention of making a quilt…but the time just got away from me. She may still get a […]
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