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Manos Serena on my needles

I’m knitting again! I haven’t knit in ages but I had a long plane ride and wanted a project to take with me, so I decided to finally start the Emelie cardigan I downloaded from Ravelry a few months ago. I don’t knit as often as I’d like, so I get nervous every time I start […]
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Hooray for handwarmers

Weather-wise, it’s been a bit crazy. It’s spring. It’s winter. It’s spring. It’s winter. It’s summer?? Get it together, London! Whatever’s going on, though, it’s handwarmer season. These handy half-gloves keep your mitts toasty during those cooler mornings and evenings whilst your fingers are free to find your keys or play with your iphone. What’s […]
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In-between-weather cowl

It felt like forever since I’d done any knitting so I picked up a favourite pattern and made myself what I’m now calling the “in-between-weather cowl.” This is the Mobius Cowl or Cowl With a Twist that Whitney at the Purl Bee came up with, but without the contrasting stripe (I love the contrasting stripe, […]
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