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New Cotton + Steel cowl kits for Christmas!

It’s not too late to give a handmade gifts! Our cowl kits can be made up in jiffy. And after the success of our Not a Homebody Cowl Kit, we decided to team a few more fabrics to give you some options. Everything you need to know to put these kits together can be found in […]
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New kits for our favourite projects from The Daily Stitch!

We’ve rounded up the materials to make some of our favourite projects from The Daily Stitch to make some fun little kits! Please remember these kits are meant to complement the project ideas on the blog so you’ll find the instructions, patterns and tutorials there. What is your favourite project from The Daily Stitch? Let […]
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A word about our sewing and knitting kits

I love a good kit, don’t you? See something you want to make and it’s all there in one shopping swoop. But kits can have a dark side too. Oh yes. You could end up with something you already have. Or too much or too little fabric for your size. And that’s no good. I […]
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