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Our new snow and ice shop window display!

I’m so excited to finally share the details of our new shop window display with you! I love this wintry window. Snow and ice was the theme, so it’s a bit odd that the sun is so obviously shining on photo day, but hey – if you don’t like the weather in England wait five […]
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Our new Christmas window!

We put up our Christmas window last week! Have a look: From left to right, this is our display! *We used the same Melody Miller-inspired tree, white lights and felt ball garland as last year. Harvey was a big help with the decorating… *On the littlest dress form is an Oliver + S  Library Dress in […]
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Our October shop window display

To celebrate the launch of the Village Stash Society and our Colour of the Month Clubs, we decided to fill our window with rainbows! It’s a seriously happy window if you ask me.   Here are the details on what you’ll find in our display! On our smallest dress form we have an Oliver + […]
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April shop window display

When we opened the shop I thought we’d change the window display every month! Then reality set it and I realised that can be really hard. Especially if I assign too much to myself because the shop sewing goes to the bottom of the to do list every time. From now on I’m going to […]
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Scoot Scoot kid-size messenger bag

Havana Monaluna messenger bagNext month we’ll be featuring the Havana collection by Monaluna in our window, and I’ve been sewing up a few things to go on the “boy” dress form (which is also sometimes a girl!) Although our little man won’t be able to use/wear anything I’m making for a good six years, it’s kind of fun […]
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December/January shop window display

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with how our new shop window turned out! We had a brilliant signwriter recreate our design elements (by hand!) and the first time I saw it I nearly cried. All of a sudden we had a real shop. I was equally pleased with how the display came […]
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