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Go on then, join our Flickr group!

By now loads of you have made things with fabric, yarn, patterns, trims and other goodies from the shop, and I’m just dying to see them! We have a Flickr group (just called The Village Haberdashery) and, I beg of you, don’t leave me hanging a day longer. Go join up and share some snaps! […]
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Patterns to pair with Loulouthi velveteens

I’m so excited to have Loulouthi velveteens in the shop that I wanted to do a post to show you some of the patterns that would work brilliantly with this gorgeous substrate. First, the Sewaholic Minoru jacket. I checked in with Tasia, who said that velveteen would be an excellent choice for this coat and […]
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Loulouthi velveteen and voile Figure 8 Scarf

I’ve been really looking forward to making a Figure 8 scarf with Loulouthi velveteen and now I have one! We didn’t get Innocent Crush velveteen here so it feels like forever that I’ve been waiting to have velveteen of my very own. I picked out the voiles in the shop with these scarves in mind, […]
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Anna Maria Horner’s Loulouthi Velveteens have arrived!

We’ve waited far too long to see Anna Maria Horner velveteen on our side of the pond, but to my delight a big box arrived in the shop yesterday. We have all five of the pink/rose colourway (although Summer Totem is delayed) and they are now in the shop. These are beautiful, rich, luxurious fabrics […]
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