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Christmas 2016 window display at our West Hampstead shop!

This window! It is so full of amazing, gorgeous things and I love it so much and am so proud! I hope you’ll come by our West Hampstead shop and see everything in person. First, the garments! These were sewn by Kym. On our lady we have a stunning party dress made by mashing up […]
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Two Truths and a Lie with Violet Craft – the big reveal!

On Friday we posted three statements about Violet Craft and asked you to guess which one is a lie. Here they are again, with the answers! 1. Violet Craft is my real name. True. I married into the name Craft. My maiden name is Violet Baalman. No one believes Violet Craft is my real name! 2. I […]
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Kona matching! What goes with House of Hoppington by Violet Craft

Want to coordinate your Kona Cotton Solids to House of Hoppington by Violet Craft? We’ve done all the work for you! We are stocking the pretty and unusual purple, gold and grey colour way and we just love how these colour work together. From top to bottom, the colours we recommend are Charcoal, Titanium, Silver, White, Meringue, Curry, […]
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Waterfront Park by Violet Craft now in stock

Bridges, sea birds and reflective imagery make up Violet Craft’s nostalgic new line, Waterfront Park. We’ve had a lot of requests for this collection and it will not disappoint! In some of our favourite colours – navy, aqua and peony – Waterfront Park will be gorgeous in both dresses and quilts. Find the collection here and build a […]
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