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Let’s talk about shopping on mobile!

I mentioned way back in January that I wanted to improve the shopping experience for you guys on mobile devices. Like I said back then, more than half of you are shopping on our website on mobile devices (that’s a third on tablets and a little more than one in five on mobile), yet when […]
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How to find knit fabrics in our online shop

Sewing with knits is all the rage these days and we’re trying to keep pace by stocking lots of options! We’ve got lovely organic interlock knits, stretchy designer jersey knits, sweatshirt knits, stretch lining and more…whew! Making it easier for you to find all these knits in one place has been on my mind, so we finally […]
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New shop tool: collapsible filters!

I’m probably a little too excited about a new tool we added to the shop: collapsible filters! When I planned the website three years ago I knew I wanted our customers to be able to filter their shopping options by designer, collection, company, colour, etc. I wanted to make it as easy as possible to […]
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