The 90-minute Gypsy Garden cowl

I absolutely love, love, love making cowls* and I am delighted to share my latest creation with you because it’s not only gorgeous and fun – it takes only 90 minutes to make! That’s an extra-special last-minute gift or a perfect present to yourself in the time it takes to watch your favourite film.

Knit Collage yarns are all lovely and unique. (And we know Kathryn Heigl likes them, just saying.) The Gypsy Garden collection is made from a wool/mohair blend hand-spun on traditional spinning wheels and woven with flower appliques, ribbons and sequins so each skein is truly one-of-a-kind. I used one skein of Mermaid Cafe for this cowl.

This yarn has so much interest already, I think it’s just right for simple patterns. I wanted to try it out so I turned to my favourite cowl pattern from the purl bee. To make this cowl you deliberately turn your stitches when you connect them in the round. As a result it has a pretty twist that sits nicely around your neck. I’ve made four variations of this pattern since I found it last year and you can see two of them in this post – it works with many types of yarn.

I did the math to adjust this pattern for the super bulky gypsy but after knitting it half way I ripped it out and decreased the number of stitches. I wanted this to be a one-skein pattern and the fit to be just right (of course!) Here is what I did, in four easy steps:

  1. Cast on 50 stitches on size 12mm x 60cm circulars
  2. Carefully twist your knitting (see pictures on the purl bee if this sounds confusing)
  3. Knit one row, purl one row and repeat until you’re nearly out of yarn
  4. Cast off and weave in ends

Now sit back and admire your cowl!

A kit for this cowl is available in the shop here. In addition to Gypsy Garden we stock the Sister, Stargazer Silk & Sequins and Pixie Dust collections from Knit Collage.

*You may also know them as snoods, but I prefer cowl. I just think it sounds nicer!

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