The Knitting and Stitching Show – recap!

So the Knitting and Stitching Show happened. Wow. After months of anticipation, planning and prep it was over all too quickly and I have to admit it was a let down last Monday when we didn’t get to go open the booth!

Here is a picture after we’d nearly finished setting up the day before the show opened. Yes we covered that table with a table cloth. Our samples weren’t up yet either. But you get the idea!

Running an online business means I rarely get to interact with my customers, apart from a few exchanges a day over email. It was an absolute thrill to be able to chat to people all day long about fabric and to watch them put their orders together in real life. I loved meeting customers who had previously only been a name on a screen and getting to be that big discovery for crafters who had never heard of us before. It’s making me long for the day (which may be sooner than you think) when we open a physical store.

Here’s a snap with Kelly and Christine. No one can sell Melody Miller’s fabric like Kelly!

There is no way this booth would have been possible without the incredible support from my mum and my friends in the London Modern Quilt Guild.

Here is a quick thank you list:

  • Thank you mum, for flying out to London, folding a mountain of fat quarters, labelling, packing, unpacking, packing and unpacking again hundreds of bolts of fabrics and yarns, inputting all of the emails we collected throughout the show and every detail in between on every one of those long, long days.
  • Thank you to Colette for making the bunting, Kelly for making the aprons and Charlotte, Colette, Pennie, Emily and Fiona for your lovely samples which were all hugely popular.
  • Thank you to Charlotte (times two), Danielle and Christine for the fat quarter folding meetups, which made the time fly.
  • Thank you to Amy, Christine, Kelly, Charlotte and Pennie for staffing the booth and to Nathalie for stopping by to give us loo breaks. You were indispensable!
  • Thank you to everyone who tweeted or blogged about the booth before the show, and to Karen and Zoe for your excellent write ups after.
  • Finally, thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hi!
I love how busy we look in this picture. There were some crazy moments!

If there is anyone I’ve missed out – I’m so sorry! And if you blogged about our booth and I haven’t found it yet, please share a link. I’d love to link back.

Thank you!

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