The Lady Valet in a Colette Chantilly (in progress…)

I wrote recently about the process of sizing my Lady Valet dressmaker’s dummy and I thought I’d show you a picture of the girl now that she’s Annie-sized. Here she is wearing a Colette Chantilly dress in Little Folks voile that I abandoned last spring when I got a bit stuck. Now that I’m seeing it on the dress form I’m dying for the time to finish it!

I think the dress is a wee bit too big so it needs to be taken in, but with a lining that’s just a lot of steps. Yes, I know, make a muslin/toile. I’ve since learned. I also got stuck trying to figure out how to attach the bodice to the neckline. If anyone reading has made this dress and has a great picture of this from the inside, will you please post a link for me in the comments?

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