The London Modern Quilt Guild

We’re starting the London Modern Quilt Guild! Click here to get in touch and join up, or read on for some background.

I started quilting about a year and a half ago. I haven’t finished many quilts, but I’ve really enjoyed the ones I have, like the Fairy Tale Quilt I made for my stepdaughter and the Storyboek Hexagon quilt I made for my friend Laurie’s baby. What really drew me to quilting was the modern style of quilts that I found on blogs across the web.

When I was at Quilt Market in Houston, I learned about the Modern Quilt Guild. I went to the Modern Quilt Guild meetup and everywhere I looked there was someone whose blog or book I’d been inspired by or whose fabric I’d sewn with. It felt like everyone was there. (That’s where I had my picture taken with Anna Maria Horner!)

Afterward I looked into what the guild was all about. This amazing community had been formed by modern quilters who met through sharing their work online and wanted to meet in person.  But the most exciting part to me was finding the list of principles that define and guide the modern quilting movement. Finally Рwords to describe what I was seeing online and trying to create for myself.

  • Make primarily functional rather than decorative quilts
  • Use asymmetry in quilt design
  • Rely less on repetition and on the interaction of quilt block motifs
  • Contain reinterpreted traditional blocks
  • Embrace simplicity and minimalism
  • Utilise alternative block structures or lack of visible block structure
  • Incorporate increased use of negative space
  • Are inspired by modern art and architecture
  • Frequently use improvisational piecing
  • Contain bold colors, on trend color combinations and graphic prints
  • Often use gray and white as neutrals
  • Reflect an increased use of solid fabrics
  • Focus on finishing quilts on home sewing machines

The Modern Quilt Guild has more than 100 chapters around the world, but I was surprised to see there wasn’t a London guild. So, I’m starting one! The London Modern Quilt Guild blog is still a bit bare – I’m hoping that there will be lots of people who want to take part and help build it. This guild will be what the members want to make of it – we can organise bees, workshops, shopping trips, quilt-a-longs, crafting meetups – anything and everything we want. Have a look here at what other guilds are doing. I’d simply love to meet more people in the area who like to quilt! So if you identify with the modern quilt aesthetic and want to be involved, please get in touch.

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