The London Modern Quilt Guild exhibition

We’re always doing really cool things at the London Modern Quilt Guild – if I weren’t in it I’d be seriously jealous! In June, we’re going to be exhibiting a gorgeous selection of mini quilts at the Bistro in John Lewis on Oxford Street. Every month John Lewis features the artwork of a different local organisation and earlier this year I applied for the LMQG and we were accepted. It’s going to be so cool!

We decided that the theme should be “What modern quilting means to me” and at our last meeting everyone showed off what they created. Every quilt was totally different and reflected the creator’s style. Having gotten to know these women (and man) over the past few months, I think I could have actually matched many of the quilts to their makers in a blind test! (well not a blind test, but you know what I mean.) You can head over to our Flickr group and read this thread to see all of the mini quilts.

Here’s mine. It’s a nod to Ashley at Film in the Fridge because her blog was one of the first places I discovered modern quilting and one of her string quilts was the first example of that. I used her foundation piecing tutorial which was so easy to follow. I also cut into some favourite fabrics in my stash, from Good Folks to Habitat to Echo, and a few silvers of new collections on the shelf. Can you recognise them all?

Please do come by the Bistro beginning the first Wednesday in June and admire our work! I’ll be so proud.

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