The pop of colour cowl

Knit Collage are known for creating extra-special, one-of-a-kind yarn and Pixie Dust Mini is no exception! These gorgeous, sparkly skeins are handspun for thick and thin texture, dyed in eye-catching colours and woven with just the right amount of sparkly pixie dust. To knit up super quick, cosy warm and wildly cheerful cowl, we paired Pixie Dust Mini with Manos del Uruguay Wool Classica for a super quick cosy cowl that will brighten up even the darkest winter day. Read on for details and knit your own!


Size 12mm x 60cm circular needles
One skein Pixie Dust Mini
One skein Manos Wool Classica
Stitch markers (optional)

Hot pink not your thing? Don’t worry! Pixie Dust Mini and Manos Wool Classica are a match made in heaven. Here are some other gorgeous ideas for your cowl:

Pixie Dust Mini in Valentine with Manos Wool Classica in Venus (pink) or Manos Wool Classica in Bacchus (red)

Pop of colour cowl

Pixie Dust Mini in Forest Fern with Manos Wool Classica in Rhine

Pop of colour cowl

Pixie Dust Mini in Peacock Shimmer with Manos Wool Classica in Volga

Pop of colour cowl

Pixie Dust Mini in Granite Peak with Manos Wool Classica in Zambezi

Pop of colour cowl

This is my go-to cowl, my favourite project for when I want to knit but don’t want to think too hard. The result is always beautiful and it can be adapted to virtually any yarn. Plus, if you know how to cast on and off, knit and purl this cowl is a breeze.

Pop of colour cowl

The only part I’m asked questions about is how to get that twist! The twist is what makes this cowl so lovely to wear, so we’ll show you how to get it right.

1. Cast on 50 stitches, holding both strands of yarn as one. (Note that to demonstrate I’m only using one skein of wool)


2. Spread your stitches out around your needles and make sure they aren’t twisted.


3. Now carefully twist the stitches on your left needle around once.


4. Begin knitting as normal, joining your stitches to knit in the round. Knit the entire row.


5. Purl the next row.

6. Continue to alternate between knit and purl rows until you’re out of Pixie Dust Mini (the work will measure about eight inches). You’ll have some Wool Classica left for another project.

7. Cast off very loosely.

That’s it! If you make a pop of colour cowl for yourself, please add a photo to our flickr pool!


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