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Tutorial: Julie’s cosy kid cowl (using knit fabrics!)

Julie from forestpoppy is back with another quick, fun project: a cute and cosy kid’s cowl! Julie used our adorable Woodland Knits collection and although we are running very low on these fabrics, we are stocking lots of other fun striped interlock knits and plain interlock knits that can be substituted here. I had fun posing Harvey in one of these cowls for our homepage photo shoot. Thank you, Julie!


Thank you, Annie, for letting me have fun with your lovely fabric again. Katie was very delighted with her new cowls…….and a little miffed when I had to confiscate them for Annie to work her photography magic!

1. I used the gorgeous Woodland Knits by Monaluna – a lovely thick organic interlock cotton knit
2. Prewash first – knit fabric can shrink a lot!
3. For 1 cowl you only need two pieces 20″ wide by 9″ deep

Kid cowl tutorial

General notes:
1. Change to a ball point needle and use ball point pins
2. Use a stretch stitch (lightning bolt symbol on my machine) or a zig zag stitch is fine too – you want to use a stitch that isn’t rigid and which will move with the fabric
3. Use whatever seam width you are happiest with, I just followed the edge of my sewing foot which is around 3/8″
4. There’s lots of information about sewing with knit fabric online, including Kitschy Coo and Made by Rae
5. This size will fit from a teenager down to a toddler……..obviously it will be a little baggier on a toddler but the Monaluna interlock knit is so thick that it still fits well with lots of snuggle factor (and you could, of course, make it a little smaller if you’d prefer it more snug on a very small person)

Kid cowl tutorial
To make:
1. Cut two 20″ by 9″ rectangles from your fabric – I used two complementary fabrics for each cowl. Cut so that the long side of the rectangle runs across your fabric from selvedge to selvedge…… should stretch most from side to side rather than top to bottom

2. Pin the two pieces together with right-sides of the fabric facing each other

Kid cowl tutorial

3. Sew along both long edges

Kid cowl tutorial

Don’t worry if it looks a little wrinkly, it will settle down once it is pressed

4. Turn right-sides out and press

Kid cowl tutorial

It is possible to get this next step wrong but it is easy if you do it exactly as set out below

5. With your fabric right-side out, bring the two short un-sewn ends together so that one top fabric edge matches up with the opposite top fabric edge (e.g. mushrooms with mushrooms, in this instance). With matching fabric edges lined up move your hand along towards one of the seams – then start pinning, working out from the seam so that matching fabric edges are pinned together

Kid cowl tutorial

Mushroom raw edge pinned to opposite mushroom raw edge and blue dots with blue dots

6. As you keep pinning you’ll end up swallowing the cowl inside itself with only the wrong sides of your fabric showing. Pin all the way round

Kid cowl tutorial

7. Sew round the pinned edge starting with whichever fabric you consider to be the wrong side – stop when you’re almost back at the start and leave a gap for turning right-sides out

Kid cowl tutorial

8. Turn right-sides out through the gap

Kid cowl tutorial

10. Sew the gap closed neatly. I like to use a ladder stitch – if you are not familiar with ladder stitch there’s a great tutorial here. Then put onto your small person and ask them to model for you……..cheekiness isn’t guaranteed but is likely!

kids cosy cowl collageThank you for posing, Katie! The cowls are on their way back to you!


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