Tutorial: Karen’s Foldover Pouches

Today we’ve got a great tutorial for you from Karen of Blueberry Park! She’s used the lovely Simpatico collection from Cloud9 to create the clever little fold-over pouches you can now see on our home page. These are the perfect size for filling with pens, sewing kit, makeup or anything else you need to keep organised or tucked out of site (i.e. lady stuff, if you know what I mean). If you’d like to make pouches like Karen’s, grab our Simpatico fat eighth bundle and read on for the tutorial. Thanks Karen!

To make 1 purse you will need:

3 pieces coordinating fabric approx 20 x 20cm each to allow for variation.
2 pieces of plain fabric 19 x 17cm for lining.
1 piece approx 3 x 12cm for button fastener.
1 button!

1. For the front cut out 1 piece 19 x 12cm and a second 19 x 6cm and sew together with a ¼” seam allowance. Press with seams to one side.

2. For the back cut 1 piece 17 x 7cm, a second 17 x 6cm and a third 17 x 10cm and sew together with a ¼” seam allowance. Press with seams to one side. Have the widest piece at one end so can trim overall size to match the front.

3. With right sides facing sew along 3 sides, keeping top open, with a ¼” seam allowance. Turn right side round and press.

4. For the lining with right sides together sew along 3 sides, leaving top open.

5. With the outer piece, turn a hem inwards of about 1cm and press. Repeat with the lining but turn this hem outwards.

6. Push the lining into the outer and line up with the lining being slightly lower than the outer.

7. For the button fastener – fold into the centre and press. Repeat on other side and then press in half. Sew together the open edge with a 1/8” seam allowance.

8. Mark the midpoint with a fabric pen and position the fastener either side of the mark. Pin in place.

9. Starting at front corner sew the lining into the outer with a seam allowance of ¼” from the lining and 1/8” from the outer. Stretch as you are going to keep everything well positioned and avoiding the fabric gathering.

10. Fold over the top and with a fabric pen mark where you want the button to go and then sew in place.

Finished! You now have a beautiful fabric pouch, perfectly sized to carry around in your bag! I often have 3 or 4 of these in my handbag each with different essentials!

You can always increase dimensions to make larger pouches.

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