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Modern macrame plant hanger tutorial by Susana Cunha

Today we're so excited that Susana Cunha, a super talented macrame artist, is sharing her plant hanger tutorial with us on the blog today! Last November, Susana taught a private class for Caroline, Kym and I in the shop so we could make macrame plant hangers for a future shop window display. It was so fun, easy to learn and quick! You’ll be so delighted with what you can accomplish in just a couple of hours and it's a really relaxing craft to unwind with in the evenings, too. You can find and follow Susana on Not on the High Street and Instagram.

Traditionally, most of the macrame you see is created using cotton rope or cord which has a beautiful bohemian vibe. In this project, Susana uses Hoooked Zpagetti t-shirt yarn to give this project a modern spin. Either will work for this tutorial.

Over to you, Susana!

Macrame Plant Hanger Tutorial

This basic plant hanger is an easy introduction to macrame and is suitable for beginners. It features three types of basic decorative knots: Square Knot (SK), Spiral Stitch and Wrapped Knot. Once you’re comfortable with the basics, you can add beads, decorations, or additional knots to add character!

Finished Size: Approximately 115 cm (45 inches) tall, which includes the fringe.

Supplies Needed:


  • Cut 6 cords, each 6 meters long
  • Cut 2 cords, 50 cm long

If using cotton rope instead of t-shirt yarn, prepare the tips of the cords to prevent unravelling by using tape. When using tape, compress the tips so they are as narrow as possible.


Step 1: Pass half of the cords through the metal ring, while holding the ring upright. They should dangle over the bottom of it.

Match the ends of each cord as you pass it through, so it is balanced.

Do the same with the remaining cords, placing them on top of the first group.

Macrame Plant Hanger Tutorial

Start a Wrapped Knot tying an Overhand knot at one end of a 50 cm cord. Secure it next to the ring.

Macrame Plant Hanger Tutorial

Wrap the long portion around the cords on the ring several times. Make sure you wrap firmly, until the knot is 3 or 4 cm long.

Macrame Plant Hanger Tutorial

Pass what’s left of the long portion through the folded area, which looks like a loop.

Macrame Plant Hanger Tutorial

Pull the secured end, which has the Overhand knot. The fold and the other end will be pulled inside the bottom of the Wrapped knot. Make sure you pull it half way through the knot.

Macrame Plant Hanger Tutorial

Cut off the excess material from each end of the cord used to make the Wrapped Knot. Be careful not to cut the long cords on the ring. Tuck the stubs inside the knot so they can’t be seen.

Divide the cords into groups of 4. Bundle each group by wrapping all 4 cords around your hand several times. Secure with a rubber band.

Step 2: Mentally number the four cords in one group. The fillers are 2 – 3, and the working cords are 1 and 4.

Tie the first Square Knot as shown below.

Move cord 1 to the right, over cords 2 – 3 and under cord 4.

Macrame Plant Hanger Tutorial

Move cord 4 to the left, under cords 2 – 3 and over cord 1. Tighten firmly

Macrame Plant Hanter TutorialCords 1 and 4 have switched places, so the direction is reversed for the second half of the Square Knot:

Move cord 1 to the left, over cords 2 – 3 and under cord 4.

Macrame Plant Hanter Tutorial

Move cord 4 to the right, under cords 2 – 3 and over cord 1. Tighten firmly.

Macrame Plant Hanter Tutorial

Continue tying Square Knots to create a sennit. Push the knots close together as you progress. Tighten each knot firmly. Stop when you have completed 10 square knots.

Repeat step 2 with the remaining groups of four cords.

Macrame Plant Hanter Tutorial

Step 3: Measure 10cm after the last square knot on the sennit of one of the groups of four cords. We can now start tying a series of half square knots to create a spiral.

Half Knot

Move working cord 1 to the right, over the fillers (2 and 3) and under working cord 4.

Macrame Plant Hanter Tutorial

Move working cord 4 to the left, under the fillers and over working cord 1.

Macrame Plant Hanter Tutorial

When making the Spiral Stitch for your Basic Plant Hanger, the cord will naturally start twisting once you tie the first 5 Half knots; hold the fillers steady and keep tying half knots.

Macrame Plant Hanter Tutorial

Step 4: Create a Spiral Stitch design by tying 12 Half Knots as described above. Stop when the sennit is made of 12 Half Knots.

Step 5: Measure 10cm after the last half square knot on the spiral of one of the cords you have been working on and start trying more half knots to create a further spiral.

Step 6: Repeat steps 3 – 5 for each group of cords bundled in step 1.


Now you will make the Cradle at the bottom of the Basic Plant Hanger. Measure the plant pot, and find the halfway point by dividing the total height by 2. So if the pot is 6 inches tall, the measurement will be 3 inches.

Macrame Plant Hanter Tutorial
Locate two sennits that rest next to each other, and secure them. Make sure they are not twisted. Mentally re-number the cords in each sennit 1 – 4.

Step 7: Alternate by selecting cords 3 and 4 from the left sennit, combined with cords 1 and 2 from the right sennit.

Measure from the last SK of one sennit down to the measurement you just calculated for the halfway point on the pot. Tie one Square Knot at that point.

Macrame Plant Hanter Tutorial

Step 8: Repeat step 7 using the remaining cords. This is much easier if you suspend the Basic Plant Hanger by the ring at the top.

Make sure the sennits are not twisted, and that you are combining cords from two sennits that rest next to each other.

Step 9: You now need to alternate the cords again, as described in Step 7. Start by mentally re-numbering the cords coming from two sets of SK tied in the previous step. Measure from the bottom of the SK tied in step 7, down the same measurement. This way the next knot rests at the lower edge of the pot. Repeat using the remaining cords.

Macrame Plant Hanter Tutorial

Step 10: Measure the bottom of the pot, from the edge to the centre (1/2 the bottom area).

Macrame Plant Hanter Tutorial

Step 11: Tie a Wrapped Knot (as you did in step 1) around all the cords where you measured the centre of the pot to be.

After tightening it, place the pot in the Cradle. The knot should rest in the centre of the pot. Make adjustments as needed.

Important: Pull on each cord to eliminate any space between the Wrapped Knot and the SK.

Finishing Touches

Cut off the excess material from the cord used to make the Wrapped knot, and tuck the stubs inside so they can’t be seen.

Step 12: Trim the ends of all the cords so they are even. For other materials, you have the option of tying finishing knots, or to, if you’re using cord, unravel and brush to create a brushed fringe for your plant hanger.


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