Tutorial Tuesday: Kitchener stitch

Whether I’m trying to learn something new or just refresh my memory, I am constantly turning to online tutorials for help with my projects. I’ve got a handy list on the side of the blog with some of my favourites and I thought I’d also showcase one each week in a series called Tutorial Tuesday.

Today I want to share a tutorial for kitchener stitch from the Knit Witch. If you’re unfamiliar with kitchener stitch, it’s used to weave together two sets of live stitches, like in the toe of a sock or the shoulder of a jumper. When done correctly, it’s a thing of beauty, but it can be difficult to master. When I knit my first pair of socks last year, I watched this video over and over and over. And over. You can always count on the Knit Witch for a good tutorial and I love that she advises having a glass of wine handy when you try to learn kitchener stitch!

If you have a favourite tutorial or have made one yourself, I’d love to see! Email me at annie@thevillagehaberdashery.co.uk with Tutorial Tuesday in the subject line.

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