Tutorial! Vegan leather notebook cover

We have these really cool packs of vegan leather in stock, but what can we make with them?! We put the question to the super talented Laura Howard and this is the third of four tutorials she’s written for us! Find all of the tutorials in the series here.

Take it away Laura…

Vegan Leather Mini Notebook

Make a mini notebook with a faux leather cover to keep it protected in your bag or pocket! These little notebooks are simple to make, and you can easily remove and reuse the leather cover once the notebook is full.

To make the notebook you will need:

* A synthetic leather kit
* A sewing needle
* Sewing scissors
* The notebook templates page one and page two – follow the links here and here to download and print the PDFs
* Coloured card (I used one of the blank cards from this pack)
* Plain or scrap paper
Sewing thread to match the card
* 90 cm yarn in a co-ordinating or contrasting colour (I used Rico Essentials Soft Merino Aran in Berry). You could alternatively use embroidery thread or narrow ribbon.
Scissors for cutting paper and card
* A large, sharp sewing needle
* A ruler

To make the notebook:

Use the card cover template to cut a piece of blank card, then fold it in half – or just select a card from the pack I linked to. Then use the page template to cut eight pages from plain or scrap paper and fold these in half as well.

Use a large, sharp needle to poke three holes in the fold of the card, measuring their position with a ruler. Make one hole right in the centre of the fold then one above and one below it, each 3cm from the central hole.

Then poke holes in the pieces of paper (two sheets at a time) in the same positions as on the cover.

Line up the pages and the card cover, and sew them together using a double thickness of sewing thread to match the card. I started in the central hole of the card cover, leaving a length of spare thread hanging loose then returned to the centre after stitching the pages and card together, knotting the two ends of thread together securely then trimming away the excess.

Use the leather cover template to cut out a piece of the synthetic leather. Place the paper template on the back of the leather, trace around it with an air-erasable fabric marker pen or a felt tip then cut out the shape with sewing scissors.

Wrap the cover around the notebook until you’re happy with it, then unfold it and open the notebook to the first page. Use the holes in the card as a guide to pierce three matching holes through the leather.

Cut a 90 cm piece of yarn (or embroidery thread or narrow ribbon). Use the large needle to thread the yarn through the two outer holes as shown, threading it through the leather and the card of the notebook. Pull the yarn through the holes so there is an even length of yarn at each side.

Thread both ends through the central hole, pulling the yarn tight. Knot the yarn to secure the notebook and leather cover together.

Close the notebook and leather cover as shown, wrapping the yarn around it and tying a bow to secure it.

Vegan Leather Mini Notebook

Thanks Laura!

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