#tvhhaul July winners!

It’s time to announce our July #tvhhaul giveaway winners! As I mentioned in this post, we’ll be continuing our #tvhhaul giveaway every month in 2016 and randomly selecting three winners to receive 500 Stash Points each!

If you want to play in August, here is a reminder of the rules:

  • Share a picture or video of your purchase or project on Instagram and use the tag #tvhhaul.
  • To be considered in the drawing for August, pictures must be posted in during August and tagged in the actual caption – we won’t accept posts from before 1 August that have been edited to include the hashtag and we won’t accept posts with the tag added in a comment.
  • You can enter as many pictures or videos as you like!

And now, here is the July randomiser!

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 11.26.08

And here are our winners!

#27 @abi_norman Day 4 of #ilovemystash for @sewinlove: CHECKS… Found this amazing “vintage picnic check in navy” @vhaberdashery the other weekend…fell in love with the checks and their bias design…I think this will make a simple and stunning dress to Lindy hop in #tvhhaul

tvhhaul July winner 27

#25 @annabel_noth All grown up! #lineandnadav2016 #mamasboy #tvhhaul #imadethis

tvhhaul July winner 25

#13 @mangosteenha One day back in May, I got this munchkin bathed and dressed (and washed her hair, in the morning no less, which just about made me the WORLD’S WORST MOTHER) and drove her up to Belfast Castle to take some photos of her dress for the #lizzyhousedresscontest. Then the deadline got put back and I had to download the photos onto my laptop and then onto my iPad, which is a nuisance. So here I am, posting my entry with only a couple of hours to spare, despite the fact that I actually made and photographed this dress months ago. Even better, whilst downloading the photos today, I also realised that although we got a lot of awesome photos of the model on that trip, I actually managed to not take any good pictures of the dress itself. Sigh.
No-one else will care, but I am breaking my square-photos-only rule as this photo was just too cute to crop. This is a @madebyrae Geranium Dress in @lizzyhouse Lovely Hunt fabric (both from @vhaberdashery), entered in the Make it for Kids category. You can’t see it as this photo is totally not of the dress, but I made loads of effort to fussy cut the pattern, before realising that I’d forgotten to make my usual adjustments and had to cut it again. I did manage to get most things where I wanted them, although my first attempt was better (if incorrect). Double sigh. Still my favourite garment that I’ve ever made, though! #tvhhaul #lizzyhouse #thelovelyhunt #raemademedoit #geraniumdress #belfastcastle #lizzyhousedresscontestfinal

tvhhaul July winner 13

Thank you to everyone who entered this month!

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