#tvhhaul November giveaway winners!

We are winding down our #tvhhaul hashtag, so this is our second to last giveaway! As I mentioned in this post, we’ll be continuing our #tvhhaul giveaway every month in 2016 and randomly selecting three winners to receive 500 Stash Points each!

Last month we announced that we want to try to promote a hashtag that helps people discover our shop a bit better. So while you can still play in December by tagging your makes and purchases with #tvhhaul, we are encouraging you and sincerely hoping you’ll continue to share with the tag #thevillagehaberdashery now and forever after!

Finally, if you want to play in December, here is a reminder of the rules:

  • Share a picture or video of your purchase or project on Instagram and use the tag #tvhhaul.
  • To be considered in the drawing for December, pictures must be posted in during November and tagged in the actual caption – we won’t accept posts from before 1 December that have been edited to include the hashtag and we won’t accept posts with the tag added in a comment.
  • You can enter as many pictures or videos as you like!

And now, here is the November randomiser! Since our announcement this pool is a little lighter, so some diehard committed #tvhhaul-ers are definitely getting a better chance to win. Get in there in December if you want that to be you!

#tvhhaul November randomiser

And here are this month’s winners!

#9 @createdbykuba Does this tree look to crazy for you partner? Light or dark brown for the trunk? And do I go with this chambray blue sprinkle for the background or do I go get some of the peacock version?  #treeteamglobal  #quietplaypatterns#christmastreequiltswap  #miniquiltswap  #christmas#christmastree  #quilting  #sewing  #quilt  #karenlewistextiles#cottonandsteel  #konacotton  #tvhhaul  #thevillagehaberdashery (editor’s note: you really should go check out the entire progress of this project on Rachael’s feed. It is awesome!)

#tvhhaul November winner 9

#11 @texheks Is it okay if I let this panda be a star in a  #eustarswap item for you partner?  #pandainstar  #embracethewonkiness  #tvhhaul

#tvhhaul November winner 11

#17 @mangosteenha It grows … (60/120) #purlsoho  #tinytilequilt  #tvhhaul  #thevillagehaberdashery

#tvhhaul November winner 17

Thank you to everyone who participated this month!


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