Two Truths and a Lie with Bonnie Christine – the big reveal!

On Friday we posted three statements about Bonnie Christine and asked you to guess which one is a lie. Here they are again, with the answers!

1. I studied art and design in school.

FALSE. I discovered fabric design right after I graduated from Business School, so about 8 years ago, I set out to teach myself design. It took me an entire year to figure out how to make a repeating pattern and I learned most of Illustrator by watching a couple of dudes design tessellating lizards. Haha! I think this is why I’m so passionate about teaching others!

2. I used to work at my Mom’s quilt shop.

TRUE. My mom has owned a quilt shop called A Stitch in Time most of my life. It’s why I fell in love with fabric and sewing and I worked for her right after I got married for about a year. It was so fun!

3. My favourite colour is pink.

TRUE. Not girly pink though, more of a delicious-blush-almost-cream-pink.

Here is our randomiser:


Out of 71 entries we had 35 correct guesses! The 30th correct guess doesn’t live in the UK, so our winner is number 35 and that is Emma! Congratulations, Emma, you’ve won this Wonderful Things Bundle!

Wonderful Things by Bonnie Christine and Kona Cotton Solids

Thank you to everyone who played! Who would you like to play with next time?

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