Two Truths and a Lie with Katy Jones – the big reveal!

Yesterday we posted three statements about Katy Jones and asked you to guess which one was a lie. Here are the correct answers!

1. I have a degree in criminology and wanted to be a policewoman with a gun when I was at university. It had to be with a gun, not a regular one, so I could look especially badass catching the bad guys. But then the police force turned me down so that ruined my plans.

TRUE! I got rejected for bad eyesight back in the olden days when that was still a thing

2. I helped deliver a baby whilst waiting for a bus. There was a lady at the bus stop clearly in labour and a lot of pain, I took her to a nearby hotel (the only place open and quiet enough) where she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy as I was on the phone to the emergency services

FALSE! But my sister in law did, and I’m incredibly envious because it’s the most awesome story ever

3. I love spiders but hate all other creepy crawlies. When I was small if there was a spider in the bath my choice was to pick it up and put it outside or share my bath with it. Fear of spiders wasn’t tolerated and I soon just made friends with them. Sometimes keeping the big harvest spider in the bath as I was splashing around or popping him on the side and playing with him. I have only once killed a spider deliberately, and that was because my best friend refused to let me pick it up and put it out – she needed to see it dead (I’m still sorry for that spider).

TRUE! Spiders are awesome, they kill all the nasty bugs

Out of 54 entries we had 25 correct guesses.

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 19.17.18

The 12th correct guess was…Trudi! Congratulations Trudi, you’ve won a bundle of Priory Square as soon as it comes in stock!

I think this was a lot of fun. We’ll be running our next edition of Two Truths and a Lie  in about two weeks so keep an eye out! Are there any designers you’d like us to invite to play?

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