Two Truths and a Lie with Lizzy House – the big reveal!

On Friday we posted three statements about Lizzy House and asked you to guess which one is a lie. Here they are again, with the answers!

1. I once had the barn door to a fresnel (shutter on a stage light) fall on my head during a matinee performance of The Robber Bride Groom, while I was speaking, ON STAGE! 

True! This happened and it was terrifying. My head started bleeding a la  Monty Python and the Flying Circus. I’ve never seen a curtain close so fast!

2. I’ve been a life long quilter. 

False! I didn’t exactly mean since I was born, but I did mean for most of my life. My mother is an amazing quilter and designer, and I’d been around it my whole life, but I didn’t actually start quilting until it met me to grieve a loss, and has been with me ever since. About 8 years now!

3. I’m left handed, dyslexic, and have synesthesia.

True! I am all of these things! Sometimes the combination of these things don’t always work in my favor, but mostly, they are just part of who I am, how I see and feel the world, and how I share it. It’s like on a different operating system.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 08.12.12

Out of 62 entries we had 48 correct guesses! The eighth correct guess was Sarah! Congratulations, Sarah, you’ve won this fat eighth bundle of Mini Pearl Bracelets by Lizzy House!

Mini Pearl Bracelets by Lizzy House at The Village Haberdashery

A big thank you to everyone who played!

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